About Elina

She’s impeccable, but more importantly she has great taste, which allows her to be an image consultant in addition trainer. Although objectification may be a bit taboo tacky is some parts

. She may be a stunner in her own right, but living amidst the uber-affluent and influential in Southern California  beauty in her own, a fiery disposition, and more suitors than she knows what to do with.

Elina also knows a thing or two about living the dream. Raised in Beverly Hills to a prominent Persian family, Elina is great catch, assuming you can catch her. And if you are skilled enough and lucky to catch her, see if you can keep her!

11043215_10153003681086832_6123889522926525993_nWhen the fitness beauty is not globe-trotting, you can find her at home in Los Angeles with her beloved Lucy. She is a work out fiend and it shows. She lives big and she lives it up and she just launched this new website to share her reality with you her fans!

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In her own words: “My libidinous persona evolved over several years of really pushing myself to stay fit and healthy.  I was having trouble with my weight and I needed to address the issues with a healthier lifestyle. I didn’t set out to be sexy, but I quickly realized that a sexy look, if you will, was not only motivating to myself, but to my clients.  There is no question that a healthy sex life helps people keep fit, but the same things that enhance one’s sex drive also cater to a healthy lifestyle overall. Hence, I have branded myself as a bit of sex drive goddess, but it is more for show and because my fans are eager to show their appreciation for the apparent sex appeal that I exude.  But in short, although a sexy physique may inspire you to work hard, you really have to adhere to a strict workout regime and eat as I advise you to.”