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“I jumped at the chance to create and manage this brand”, says
Dr. Jordan Carlton Schaul.

Homegrown Hollywood ‘Mover & Shaker’ & Social influence Maker
(Miss California Contestant 2014 (Miss USA/ Miss Universe)

When Miss Shaffy’s not busy sculpting the physiques of the uber- famous with super-fortunes, the former Miss USA contestant casually curates her own social media pages, which are filled with nothin’ but pics!!!

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Jon Peters| Elliot Mintz & Elina Shaffy| Elliot Mintz & Robert Shapiro

Elina’s ‘dream team’ of A-listers includes these famous fellows:
Jon Peters (Iconic Academy-award winning film producer)
Elliot Mintz (Critically acclaimed PR Guru & publicist)
Robert Shapiro (Renowned attorney to the stars)

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With her digital media handler,

Dr. Jordan Schaul

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 8.49.59 PMIn the land of the rich and famous, where aesthetic trends are created and how you feel may have only more recently surpassed the importance of how you look, the challenge for many has been to couple aesthetics and health. Elina’s job is to get you there and to do it in style.